No one enjoys reading novels online, or so it seems. Text rendered by a Web brower just isn't suited for it. It lacks the sensitivity and élan of conventional typography; the availability of eye-pleasing fonts is limited; the wider-than-taller format of computer monitors is the opposite of the printed page.

This online version of The Binbrook Caucus attempts to address these problems. The novel was professionally typeset and converted to pdf so it looks exactly like a printed page. The dimensions were carefully chosen to fit easily and naturally on most computer screens, even when zoomed in—which, by the way, I highly recommend you do. The very simple reader (basically, a Flash viewer with forward and back buttons that presents its video one frame at a time) requires neither javascript nor a pdf plugin. Chapter navigation is handled by a straightforward HTML menu system.

If you get hooked by the story but still hate reading at the screen, links are provided so you can download pdf files of individual chapters, or the entire novel (in 6x9-inch hardcover format), and print out copies.

To get started, click the Read now button. Enjoy!