I'm a dilettante. I just can't seem to help it.

I started out as a classical pianist, beginning lessons
at age four. My studies included theory, harmony, and
counterpoint, with the result that I got interested in the
internals of music and picked up a degree in composition
several decades later.

Next I learned typesetting in order to put food on my plate.
At a magazine job in Montréal, I studied wine and became
a wine writer. At another, I learned graphic design to
supplement my typographic skills. Between print-industry
jobs, I did stints as a landscape gardener, fraternity
house cook, lounge pianist, and stable hand.

Along the way, I taught myself the ins and outs of the
GNU/Linux operating system, and have contributed 18,000
lines of code to the project in the form of the "mom"
macros for GNU/troff.

I've been writing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper,
but didn't publish my first book, The Schumann Proof, until
2004. My second novel, The Binbrook Caucus, was written
under circumstances that would make most writers blanch
and took six years to complete. It went online in 2010.

My interests are broad, including comics and graphic
novels, manga and animé, origami, photography, yoga,
country music, botany, and the I Ching. I wonder what
I'll pick up next?